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Female Developers


FemTech Sweden is a community-based network for women and non-binaries in technology and entrepreneurship. We aim to highlight the professional achievements of these individuals no matter which stage they are in their careers. By collaborating with a variety of industry partners & key players, we encourage and assist our network in reaching their goals. We provide support and networking opportunities to those who are starting a new business venture, looking for a career change or mentorship.

FemTech Sweden is an all-inclusive community which we believe is imperative in order to get closer to achieving gender-diverse organizational structures in the technology sector. We encourage male supporters to attend our events by offering a way in which they can assist our network; whether it be as an investor, sponsor, mentor, advisor or connector. If you would like to join as a male supporter for FemTech Sweden, email us at info@femtechse.com and tell us how you would like to support.



Making A Difference



We offer our community inspiration by highlighting success stories, & knowledgeable insights by discussing real issues entrepreneurs face that are not often spoken about publicly.

Our aim is to have our audience walk away from our events feeling empowered by the knowledge they have come to learn & by the tools which we have provided them.

We want our male attendees to walk away with better insights as to the particular struggles that women deal with, and what they can personally do to watch out or take action when a female colleague may need support or guidance.


We aim to promote women no matter which stage in their careers they are, everything from starting off, to inspirational leaders. 

As we ourselves are entrepreneurs, we understand that access to the right resources and contacts can make all the difference to reaching your milestones



We welcome all genders, ethnicities & backgrounds. While we focus on empowering women, we include men who also strive to uplift & encourage our community.

Through cooperation and community empowerment, we believe a holistic approach is needed in facilitating progress. We at FemTech Sweden stive to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.


“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”





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