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Women & Funding: How to work against the bias amongst investors

Are you a female founder? Are you currently looking for funding or planning to?  Have you stumbled when asked a tricky question from an investor?  Would you like to arm yourself with knowledge so that you can be more confident when dealing with investors? 

Last year, less than 1% of Sweden's venture capital went to female-founded startups. Research suggests that female founders get asked different types of questions than their male counterparts. 

Researcher Mark A Conley, who has become well known for his research published in *We Ask Men to Win and Women Not To Lose , will explain to us why bias against women occurs and help us troubleshoot ways in which women can deal with these situations. 

Join us to learn how to navigate around gender bias amongst investors and take back your power. 

Sound interesting? 

You should attend our event if you are:

A founder looking for investment

An entrepreneur Working in the technology sector or looking to move into it Working with a startup or interested in working for one An investor looking to meet with founders Looking to expand your professional network Looking for a mentor Interested in being a mentor, sponsor advisor, connector


Mark A. Conley,

Assistant Professor

Stockholm School of Economics

Mark has become well known for his research published in *We Ask Men to Win and Women Not To Lose. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the House of Innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). His PhD is in Psychology from Columbia University where he collaborated closely with Columbia Business School on research in entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Mark continues to research the psychological and motivational causes of important organizational behavior outcomes, specifically in venture capital. Mark teaches business Master’s students the statistical and methodological underpinnings of field experiments.

*(Kanze, Huang, Conley & Higgins 2018 in Academy of Management Journal; Kanze, Huang, Conley & Higgins, 2017 in HBR)

Sonja Nasehi


Mojo Stocks

25 year old human with background in mobile app project management, bank consulting and startups. Passionate about balancing out access to knowledge. 



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